Your Mother Was Scared By A Possum – OHS106

People say some of the strangest and most odd things about my one-handedness. Maybe they are taken so by surprise they find themselves saying whatever comes to mind. Other times I think what they say is from a sincere and honest place in their hearts in that moment. Other times things are said which are really a reflection of their lives projected onto me. Regardless of the intention of the moment and what is said, sometimes I am just blown away by some of the things people say. And I am mostly talking about adults. Kids have an innocent quality about what they say and the questions they can ask. It can be very sweet and endearing. I almost look forward to those “first contact” moments with kids. This podcast is mostly about the things adults say. More deeply, it is about one short interaction I had with an elderly woman that left me stunned. 

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Show Notes:

  • The funny ways people ask about me about not having a hand.
  • The things I learn about you by how you ask me why I do not have two hands.


  • Episode OHS038 – This podcast is just about some of the funny things people have said about my one-handed life.
  • How’d you Ding Your Wing? – The topic here is the most unique way a person asked me why I only had one hand. Podcast OHS061.

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