You Look Really Cute With Your One Hand – OHS068


My heart skipped a beat when this little 6 year-old girl said to me, “You look really cute with your one hand.” The only thing making this moment better was that it was in an Aikido dojo during a training seminar I was attending in San Diego, California. I was on the mat waiting for the next class to start when I noticed this little 6 year-old girl looking at me and my one-handedness. So I smiled and waved to her with my “short side” and she smiled back. After a bit of quality and sincere non-verbal communication with her, the next Aikido class started. When the class was over her mother brought her to meet me. After the introduction, the mother asked me to watch her daughter for a few minutes. As this young child and I were “hanging out” she said one of the most beautiful and sweetest things any child has ever said to me. This podcast is about that moment.

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Show Notes:

  • One of the sweetest things any child has ever said to me about having one hand.
  • Getting Back into Aikido after an 8 year period of not doing a lot of training.
  • Seeing old friends and new at Jiai Aikido Dojo in San Diego, California.
  • Interacting with a small child at the dojo.
  • Aikido represents how I want to live my life.


  • Jiai Aikido  The Aikido Dojo in San Diego, California where the story unfolded.
  • Boulder AikikaiThe Aikido dojo of my Sensei, Hiroshi Ikeda located in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Aikido ShimbokukaiThe Aikido Affiliation I am in alignment with for support and training.
  • Hombu DojoAikido World Headquarter in Tokyo, Japan.

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