With Her One Hand She Stole My Heart

The one-handed girl crossing the street stole my heart. I cannot really say it was love as much as it was infatuation. What I can say is she not only stopped my heart upon first sight, she also took my breath away. She was the most beautifully cool and uniquely styled 1990s Seattle artist girl with a “Grunge” overtone I had ever seen. But what really fixed my attraction to her was her artificial arm. She wore a prosthetic hook that was completely covered with her own brightly colored illustrations. I must of looked like an 12 year-old boy with my jaw opened as I got caught staring at her while we walked toward one another in the crosswalk. It is a moment I will never forget.

One day after my job shift ended at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington I was walking to catch the bus home. The bus terminal was just a few blocks away and I always enjoyed walking in the city during rush hour. I just entered the crosswalk when I noticed three people on the other side walking toward me. I then noticed one of them was this very beautiful girl. Like I said my heart skipped a beat and I had trouble catching my breath. When I noticed she did not have two hands and was wearing an illustrated and designed prosthetic arm, I knew I had go talk to her. I went out of my way to say hello and talk to her about her arm and show her my one-handedness. For a few most precious moments time stood still (at least it did for me) as we talked about her artificial arm and the how she illustrated it. We caused a minor traffic jam as we talked through the street light changing colors.

At one moment we both looked up to notice we were standing in the middle of street. As drivers were honking she walked off smiling at me and caught up with her friends. As I got to the other side of the street to allow traffic to start flowing I turned to look for the one-handed girl. As quickly as I first saw her, she now melted into the sea of urban pedestrians getting off work and walking the sidewalks of Seattle. She was gone. I so regretted not asking her name and if she wanted to go out on a date. Who was the one-handed girl who stole my heart away? Not a week passed by when I did not think about the one-handed girl. A week turned into a month and a month into a year and then eventually a year turned into twenty years. Then one day I saw her working at a coffee shop in a small town in Oregon.

To hear the story of the few days I spent with the one-handed girl I invite you to click on the link and enjoy my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS019.

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