When People Forget I Do Not Have Two Hands – OHS093

People I have known for long periods of time do forget I do not have two hands. This is not the same as people I do not know not noticing I do not have two hands. The flavor of the experience of close friends forgetting about my one-handedness has a very special taste all on it’s own. It most cases it can be real funny the things they say. But for me, it is the expression on their face that does it for me. These moments do not come up as much as other people not noticing I only have one hand, but when they do they are great moments. Some of it is the habit of saying two handed things to most of the people with two hands in our world. And some of it is just how comfortable I am with myself and my capacity in life. Regardless, these are some of my favorite experiences living this one-handed life.

Show Notes:

  • This is where I am in life dealing with all the things that are changing in my life.

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