What is It Like Having One Hand? – OHS103

“What is it like having one hand?” It is not often I am directly asked this question. But it had been asked with sincere intention. Most of the time I get smaller parts of this type of question. Mostly people want to know what it is like doing a specific activity, having a certain experience, or about the quality of unique aspects of a one-handed life. People are generally curious about how I drive a car, tie my shoes, or ride a bicycle. Sometimes people want to know what it is like trying to find a job, how I feel about being stared at, or what it’s like constantly answering the questions of random children when I am out and about in public. Once in a while I will get asked some questions that have a deeper consideration to them. People ask if I find myself off balance or have a different kind of balance because I do not have two hands. Or how I feel about not having clothes designed for my one-handed life. Though all of these questions have a depth and curiosity of their own, it is not very often I am directly asked what is it like to having one hand. To be asked what is it like in an overall general all-a-round kind of way, being born and living with one hand is a worthy question. This podcast answers that question.

Show Notes:

  • Answering the many questions I get about my one handed life.
  • Noticing the differences in the type of questions people ask.
  • Not knowing any other way in life other than the way I was born.
  • All I know is life with one hand.

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