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Using scissors is a bit difficult with only one hand. This has been a life long issue for me as an artist. As with most things I do find ways to make it work. However, there are some very refined movements I am not able to do because I do not have two hands. In most cases this is no big deal because I am not cutting anything so big or important. I mostly am doing basic crafty stuff and cutting paper. But as an artist I have had to use scissors in a very well and refined manner. It is at this point I begin to struggle. I tend to notice this refinement point when I see other people using scissors in an extremely skillful way. This podcast was inspired by watching my good friend and fellow artist cut some paper. 

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Show Notes:

  • Using scissors with one hand has limitations.
  • I love to watch very skilled people and professionals using scissors (or any tool) as part of their trade.


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One Response to “Using Scissors – OHS107

  • Eric Stiening
    7 months ago

    Love it Dro! Good luck with the life moves. We need to connect regarding the possibility of you coming IN way late September 2019! Yo Yo on that! Let’s catch up soon my friend.

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