Twenty Years At The Same Job – OHS096

I have been working at the same job for the past twenty years. I do not know how common this is anymore in our current times, but I have done it. And to take it to the extreme, I have worked in the same city in the same building in the same department and pretty much with the same person for those twenty years. People have come and gone in my department and in my small group, yet, I have worked directly with the same person for the past eighteen years. It is an interesting experience to contemplate my past and consider holding one job for so long. The only thing harder than considering being at the same job for twenty years ins potentially thinking about finding a new job. The only thing harder than that is actually finding a new career. This podcast is about finding a new career after twenty years and how having one hand supported the opportunity.

Show Notes:

  • Twenty years at the same job.
  • Bureau of Reclamation.
  • Digital Design and Graphic Art
  • Finding a new job


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