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This past November I turned 50 years old. I must say I am extremely excited about this next decade in my life. I have noticed a lot of people not-so-happy about turning 50 and in many ways I understand. However, I am on the other side of the life’s coin. In fact, I do not think I have been so enthusiastic for an upcoming decade in my life. Certainly not so much in my 30’s or 40’s. Part of it has to do with the alternative of getting older not being as cool as being alive. Death in an inevitable part of life… But it is definitely not as cool as being alive.

There are qualities of getting old that can be a challenge for most people. In most cases our bodies do not move as fast or as move as well. We get injured more easily and take longer to heal. And we simply do not have the energy we had in our “youth.” But that does not mean we cannot be excited to get older or enjoy being alive. This podcast is about the quality of my thinking as I move into the decade of my 50s.

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Show Notes:

  • This year I turned 50 years old.
  • How I feel about being 50?
  • My view of this coming decade.
  • What does it mean to me to turn 50?


  • Turning 50  A blog about hitting this milestone from Mid Life Tribe dot com.

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