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A night time view of a river and bridge with the Eiffel Tower in the background of Paris, France.

AlejAndro met an 81 year old lady at a pub who just returned from 10 days of solo traveling in Paris, France. This short, sweet and unique interaction had quite the impact on AlejAndro. As the years went by it also had a powerful impact on his mother.

It is interesting where we find our inspiration. Sometimes it is more interesting when inspiration finds me. This is just what happened to me one night sitting at the bar at my local pub drinking a beer. Now it did take a number of years before I was actually able to take the experience, advice, and resulting inspiration to heart. But I did and I still do. I was even able to share this story with my mother who also found great inspiration and motivation. Currently both my mother and myself are bearing the fruits of this one delicate and unique interaction of inspiration.

One of my great dreams and desires in life is just to travel. International travel… To visit places of wonder, meet the locals, to eat the unknown and simply be out on the edge of the mainstream lives many of us tend to live. For many years it was not within my realm of financial reality to manifest walking “around the world like Cain in the Kung Fu.” (A reference made by Samuel L. Jackson’s character in the movie Pulp Fiction.) Then at the turn of the millennium I bought and started to live in my own Martial Art school. A dojo of Aikido. 3 Shapes Aikido to be exact. For ten years I taught, trained, and lived at 3 Shapes Aikido in Boise’s Historic North End Neighborhood.

In that time I was able to travel quite a bit within the United States training in the art of Aikido. I was a “Dojo Maniac!” Mostly what I saw was the inside of an airport, an airplane, and the dojo. Not quite the travel I aspired to do but travel nonetheless. I spent so much time in California some Aikido students thought I actually lived there. Now as cool as cool can be, that was pretty cool. Yet my heart deeply yearned for long term solo international travel.

One night after arriving from a weekend Aikido training seminar in another state I felt like having a beer. I walked the three blocks to my local pub and eatery to get a late night drink and get the feel of being back in Boise, Idaho. I was sitting at the bar drinking my beer. The unique and somewhat “non-ordinary” conversation I had inspired me in ways I did not know were even possible. Then years later in sharing this conversational story with my mother it inspired her. And now years later I find myself living my dreams. But more importantly I am helping my mother to live her dreams.

Show Notes:

  • Inspiration has a funny way of finding us at times.
  • Who would think an 81 year old woman could so deeply inspire you to travel.


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