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An old man laying bricks and building a house.

Growing up in Indiana AlejAndro had a paper route job delivering the daily newspaper. One day he noticed a new person on his route building a house one brick at a time. This old man had a huge impact on AlejAndro’s life.

It is always difficult to say who will have a huge impact on your life. Sometimes we do not know the where or the when it might happen either. Other times we are no paying enough attention to notice the people in our lives on a day to day basis that make a huge difference. In some cases it is the very simple and small interactions that can change your life in a small way at first. Only to have a powerful redirecting force in our lives.

For me it is a memory of a very old man on my paper route as a child who made a profound difference in my life. Every day I would walk my paper route delivering my newspapers. And everyday I would see this one old man building a house by himself. Everyday he would make ever so slow progress in building this brick house. I often look back on the one main and only true interaction we shared. I began realize he was not trying to impact me. He was just doing what he was doing. He built that house one brick at a time. And with one brick at a time in my memory of watching him everyday, and speaking with him once, he slowing changed my life.

Show Notes:

  • Delivering news papers as a child was my first real job.
  • Winter in South Bend, Indiana was cold and filled with snow. But this old man filled my heart with warmth.
  • Getting through life “on brick at a time.”


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