The Physics of Storytelling And The Equation of Appreciation – OHS025

The image is of a blackboard with physics equations. The title of the podcast reads, episode 25 the physics of storytelling and the equation of appreciation.

The equation of AlejAndro’s true appreciation for the power, benefit and impact of storytelling unfolded in his Physics 101 college class at the University of Washington in Seattle. We sometimes find life’s solutions in the most unique of places.

I think most of us as children grew up with our parents reading to us. This was not a huge pastime in my family. My father mostly worked nights and this was something my mother did not often do for us. I was mostly raised on television, Regardless, I believe this to be very common place. And frankly, who does not love a good story? I remember reading to my good friend’s child as a “stand-in” parent. I was amazed at how much this child loved listening to me read to her. Story time is a big deal. Even as adults we… well, most of us love a good story.

When I look at what I do as an international professional speaker, I tell stories. I have known for a long time I loved to tell stories and listen to stories. And I can say I know when it was that I truly understood the power and impact of storytelling.

I believe it is important as storytellers to know that critical timeframe, experience, story, or moment we “fell in love” with stories. For me understanding the where, when, why, and how it all happened has a reflective quality in my own personal storytelling. There is a connection there! If we can find that moment, or experience, that story or whatever it was and really look at it, we find something there. If we can better understand the reasons why we love stories in our own personal flow through life the better we can share our stories with others. 

Show Notes:

  • Basically I am sharing the story of when I truly started to appreciate the power and benefit of storytelling.


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