The One Handed Girl – OHS019

A beautiful girl crossing the street in Seattle Washington.

While leaving his job in the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington AlejAndro was crossing the street. He looked up to see a girl that stopped his heart. Then he noticed she also had one hand. They spoke for only a moment. Twenty years later AlejAndro saw the one handed girl working in a coffee shop in Oregon.

On day when I was leaving my job at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. I was crossing the street on my way to catch the bus. Just as I entered the the crosswalk I noticed three people was the other way. Then I notice a very beautiful girl. My heart stopped. I then noticed she did not have two hands. I went out of my way to talk to her and show her my one handedness. We caused a minor traffic jam as we talked through the street light changing colors. She walked of smiling to catch up with her friends and allow the traffic to keep flowing. And as quickly as I saw her she melting into the sea of urban pedestrians getting off work. I so regretted asking her name and if she wanted to go out on a date. Who was the One Handed Girl?

Twenty years later and not a week passed by where I did not think about the one handed girl. Then one day I saw her working at a coffee shop in a small town in Oregon.

Show Notes:

  • What style means for a one handed man.
  • Making style and clothes fit my body.
  • The benefits of one handed fashion also supports other people’s inspiration.


  • Kiersten Kelly This girl is a great singer and a true inspiration.
  • Nicole Kelly – Speaker, educational lecturer, Miss Iowa 2013, mentor and advocate. @missnicolekelly
  • Rebekah Marine The Bionic Model, Rebekah Marine is a true inspiration! @rebekahmarine
  • Mandeville Sisters – A youtube channel with a one handed overtone. Grace shares her one handedness with the world.

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