The Last Words My Father Spoke Before He Died

I was with my father the moment he died. When he took his last breath I was there with him. My mother and my older brother were also there. Forty hours earlier my father woke up and was conscious and coherent for a only a few minutes. I was extremely fortunate to be there for those few precious minutes. That was the last time he was awake and aware. I knew when we were done speaking and he nestled into his pillow and closed his eyes he would not wake up again. Blog #29 of “40 Blogs in 40 Days about 40 Podcasts” shares my experience in speaking with my father for the last time.

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Time spend with loved ones as they near dying is a difficult and precious time.

Watching my father die of lung cancer was not really on my list of life experiences. It was truly one of the most difficult 8 months of my life. From the moment he told us he had a lump in his throat to the moment he took his last breath, every day was an unknown rollercoaster ride filled with doubt and hope. However, there was some good in there!! My parents were living in Boise, Idaho at the time. Therefore, I was able to spend a lot of time with my father and also was present to comfort and support my mother at this most difficult time. As hideous of a thing it is to watch my father die of caner, I can say it was a blessing to be with him at the end and say goodbye.

Two of the greatest moments I have ever shared with my father was when he was dying. Despite both being in the last week of his life, these two “slice of life” moments made differences in both our lives in very different and impactful ways.

To listen to these last few days I share with my father as he was dying I invite you to click on the link and enjoy my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS008. Please feel free to share this blog or my podcast and I ask you to offer a comment with your opinion and feedback! Thanks!

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