The Easy Things Are Hard – OHS102

It is the easy things in life I tend to find to be more difficult. This has been my one-handed perspective for quite some time. Over the course of life I started to notice this quality in myself and the opposite in others. One of the most difficult activities I struggle with is opening bottled water. This is because I cannot hold it with one hand and twist open the cap with the other hand. I usually have to squeeze it between my knees to hold it or hold it against my body with my short arm. Either way is a challenge. If I squeeze too tight water spills, slashes, shoots in all directions. If I do not squeeze hard enough, I do not have the friction needed to twist open the drink. Many times I just ask for help. Other times I just get a bit wet. It is an easy thing to do if you have two hands. Is it a hard thing for me. Same with opening a new jar of peanut butter, popping zits, and buckling my seatbelt. But at the same time I did not find riding my bicycle from Seattle, Washington to my home town of South Bend, Indiana that difficult. Or being ranked top twenty in the nation at pocket billiards when I was in College at Indiana University. Even earning 3rd degree black belt in the martial art of Aikido was not so hard. It is a funny thing to think the easy things are hard in my one-handed life. This short podcast offers that up for your contemplation. 

Show Notes:

  • Why certain things are easy living life with one hand.
  • Why certain things are hard in my one-handed life.
  • The quality of the power of thinking.

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