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The one thing I enjoy in a strange kind of way is the “double take.” Having lived my entire life with one hand I have been the object of the double take countless times. More often than not, most people I encounter “do a double take” as a result of noticing I do not have two hands. In comes in all shapes and sizes as do all kinds of people. The reactions of young children to adults is quite vast. People walking past me on the street, seeing me while riding my bicycle, or even when I am teaching Aikido, I get the double take. Even how people in other countries view, stare, and double take is different based on the culture. Sometimes the reaction has a much deeper and reflective quality of the person. Much like the reactions I have received from some potential employers when I arrive for a job interview. No matter the situation or the the moment I find myself, the double take due to my one-handedness is simply part of the life I live.

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Show Notes:

  • It is funny how many different ways people “do a double take” because I do not have two hands.
  • Sometimes I can learn a lot about you or the moment by how you do a double take.
  • People have been double taking me my entire life.
  • This is simply the life I live.


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