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The podcast image is a collection of images. The main image is a scene throwing a clay pot on a potter's wheel. Then St Joseph high school logo, 1985 yearbook cover, and finally a black and white historic image of the front of the high school.

AlejAndro attended Saint Joseph High School in South Bend, Indiana. His art teacher Mrs. Hendricks taught ceramics and how to throw clay pots on the potter’s wheel. She also helped to sculpt AlejAndro’s life with a few kind words. Who knew the difference a few kind words can make in a person’s life.

High School… What a time. For some it was great, for others not so great and for most of us it is something we all experience. This story is about my high school art teacher Mrs. Hendricks. She was a small and delicate elderly women. She taught pottery and ceramics in my first period art class my junior year at Saint Joseph High School in South Bend, Indiana. I took her class for two years and to this day I still have a fond affinity for ceramics. I did it for a number of years in and after college. 

I have had the great fortune of living my entire life as an artist and I have “made it work.” So much of this path goes to the few kind words my high school art teacher said to me at just the right time and in just the right way. Many times I have debated giving up my life as an artist for all the reasons facing many artists make this decision. But then I hear the words of of Mrs. Hendricks.

Show Notes:

  • Simply a slice of life story about a high school art teacher who said the right thing to me at the right time in just the right way.
  • I thought for sure that was the day I was about to get expelled.


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