The Benefits of Tying my Shoes with One Hand – OHS002

AlejAndro tying shoes with one hand at Sage International School

AlejAndro tying shoes with one hand while speaking at Sage International School

As I have lived this life I have come to realize how much of a blessing it is to have been born with one hand. This realization did not arise easily. Nor is it the perspective of all people with a disability. But right now in my life it is how I view myself. This is a story about how tying my shoes is a benefit for others, especially children and therefore myself. I have had so many interesting experiences being asked to tie my shoes and tying my shoes in public.

As a professional speaker I often speak to children and youth about the power of thinking, overcoming adversity and simply just loving who you are with what you have in this life. In most cases in the early 13 and under age my talks turn into “show and tell” sessions as kids just want to know how I do things with one hand. “How do you cook? How do you wash your back, put on a coat, and take off your watch?” Children ask the best questions! Most of the time they want to know how I tie my shoes. They want to watch me tie my shoes. Then they want me to tie their shoes. And the next thing I know the line is long and the cheers are grand.

This story is about one of the most profound and impactful moments I have had trying my shoes. This moment helped my more deeply realize the benefits and blessing to live life with one hand.

Show Notes:

  • Understanding the benefits of life with one hand.
  • Noticing how people and children would watch me tie my shoes.
  • The California Aikido Association summer training talk.
  • The moment I deeply realized the power and benefits of tying my shoes with one hand.
  • What I have learned living this one handed life.


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