TEDxBoise and TEDxTwinFalls Speaking and Coaching

In 2017 I delivered my second TEDx talk as part of the TEDxTwinFalls event. Blog #28 of “40 Blogs in 40 Days about 40 Podcasts” shares my journey in the world of TED Talk as told in my podcast episode OHS027. In 2015 I was one of the speakers for the first ever TEDxBoise event. Having the fortune of offering and delivering two TEDx Talks has been a true privilege. The experience of formulating, practicing, and sharing my ideas has helped me grow as a speaker. Plus, having been a Toastmaster for the past 7 years it is quite refreshing to speak in an arena so different than the Toastmasters stage. Additionally, I have also been a TEDx speaking coach for both events. There is so much to learn being a speaking coach and helping people share their ideas.

One area people may not know so much about is the process by which speakers are chosen for these events. We have a committee of people who read through all the applications. As a group we decide which speakers and ideas make it through to the next round by casting votes. From there we narrow the group down to our final round selection and ask those people to do a short 2-3 minute audition. From there the finalists are chosen.

TEDx Boise, TEDx Twin Falls, TED, TED Talk, Speaking, Coaching, Storytelling, Disability

The cast and crew of the 2015 TEDxBoise opening event.

The main premise with a TED Talk or a TEDx Talk is having an “Idea Worth Sharing.” It is not enough to have a good story. The two main factors in my decision making process as a committee member determining which applications more forward are 1, do you have and idea worth sharing; and 2, are you the person to share it. Many people who knew I was on the TEDx Boise and Twin Falls selection committee asked about advice and “what the judges were looking for” in the application. I basically told them my main two points with some small additionally information. I told them to keep their application as clear and concise as possible. As a basic rule, an applicant should be able to express there good idea in one ten word sentence. If the application is too long or convoluted it most likely will go into the “not accepted” pile. If you say you are a motivational speaker, have a good story, or are trying o sell something you mostly likely will not make the cut. The main TEDxBoise coach, Nancy Buffington of Boise Speakwell and myself, along with Kirsten Hegner Holmberg hosted a number of TEDx Workshops helping people develop and refine their ideas. We offered a large segment of time, advice, and training just about the application process.

TEDx Boise, TEDx Twin Falls, TED, TED Talk, Speaking, Coaching, Storytelling, Disability

Kirsten Hegner Holmberg, AlejAndro Anastasio, and Nancy Buffington were the coaches for the 2017 TEDxBoise event. AlejAndro is wearing some cool shoes.

In 2017 I was one of the speech coaches for the TEDxBoise and TEDxTwinFalls, and I spoke at the Twin Falls, Idaho event. I coached six speakers total for both TEDx Idaho events. My speakers were diverse in age, ideas, and backgrounds. One was an eleven year old girl, another were a pair of women together on the stage to share their idea, and one is the owner and “Cool Guy in Charge” at the Boise Bicycle Project. I had an excellent time as a coach helping everyone share their ideas. As the coaching sessions progressed I was often told how getting ready for a TEDx Talk was so different than other talks they had delivered. I reminded them they were chosen because they had an idea worth sharing. That is what we are trying to isolate, cultivate, and express. I often ended with, “we are not just telling a good story here.”

TEDx Boise, TEDx Twin Falls, TED, TED Talk, Speaking, Coaching, Storytelling, Disability

AlejAndro on stage delivering his TEDxTwinFalls Talk to the left. On the right side is AlejAndro with TEDx Speaker Kennedy Blair whom he coached.

I will share some of my experiences and advice as a coach for these two most recent TEDx Talks in Idaho. It is also important to keep in mind these are not TED Talks. They are “independently organized TED events” and speaking platforms. Anything TED with an “X” are locally organized franchised events supported by TED.

TEDx Boise, TEDx Twin Falls, TED, TED Talk, Speaking, Coaching, Storytelling, Disability

On the left Alejandro is sporting his cool and unique TEDx socks in Twin Falls. One the right AlejAndro is on the 2015 TEDxBoise stage sharing his idea of “Disabled Thinking.”

In my podcast this week I share my experiences training and offering my ideas worth sharing. I will also mention some of the differences between giving a TEDx Talk and competing in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. I also give some advice about speaking for TEDx events and going through the application process to speak at TEDx. I share this knowledge as a speaker, a speaking coach, and as someone who has put on “TED Talk Workshops” on applying, speaking, and formulating a TEDx talk.

To listen to my experience as a TEDx speaker and coach I invite you to click on the link and enjoy my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS027. Please feel free to share this blog or my podcast and I ask you to offer a comment with your opinion and feedback! Thanks!

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