Giving A Helping Hand To A Little Snowboarding Girl – OHS010

Giving A Helping Hand To A Little Snowboarding Girl – OHS010

This is one of my most precious and personally most endearing stories I like to tell. It has to do...

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Fun With Kids: Sharing the Coolness of My One Handed Life – OHS007

I could tell the dark haired girl wanted to ask me about my hand only minutes after arriving at the...

Disability, Employment, ADA, Discrimination, Finding A Job, One Hand

HELP WANTED: Finding a Job in a Two Handed World and Encouraging Disability Employment – OHS005

Here is a talk I did for the Bureau of Reclamation about Disability Employment and the benefits of hiring people with...

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Solo International Disabled Traveling with One Hand – OHS004

Solo international traveling with one hand has it’s own flavor. Disabled traveling has an entirely different set of concerns, considerations,...

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Life Lessons Learned Working at World Class Chili! A Chili Parlor in Seattle’s Pike Place Market – OHS003

World Class Chili in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. A chili parlor… I learned so many life lessons here. This little...

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