AlejAndro tying a young boys shoes while other students watch.

Tying My Shoes With One Hand Makes A Difference

I would never of thought something so simple could make such a huge difference in people’s lives. Living this one-handed...

A cartoon like image of a pair right handed orange work gloves with AlejAndro's One Hand Speak logo on them.

Buying Two Right Hand Gloves For The First Time

Here is Blog #2 of my 40 Blogs in 40 Days about my first 40 podcasts. This is actually the...

A blue, black and white design for AlejAndro's 40 blogs in 40 days about the first 40 One Hand Speaks Storytelling podcasts

40 Blogs in 40 Days About My First 40 Podcasts

40 Blogs in 40 Days About My First 40 Podcasts! That’s Right! I will posting one blog a day featuring...