Solo International Disabled Traveling with One Hand – OHS004

Solo International One Handed Disabled traveling Pic. The shrine of Borobudur and AlejAndro with friends in Malaysia

Solo international one handed disabled traveling while competing at the 2014 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Here I am at the Buddhist Temple of Borobudur in Indonesia and with friends in Melaka, Malaysia.

Solo traveling international style with one hand has it’s own flavor. Disabled traveling has an entirely different set of concerns, considerations, and contemplations. Carrying my bags, safety and security, and managing are just a few of the topics I cover in this uniquely crafted podcast about one handed traveling. One of the things that makes disabled international travel so interesting is how different cultures perceive me and my body. I get different looks and reactions to my one-handedness based on the country and culture. Finland was a very different experience than Malaysia.

But what I really want to share is all the cool things I learned about myself as a one handed human. Not to mention learning all these great insights into the life of a disabled traveler. If you have one hand your are going to love this podcast. And if you have two or more hands I think you will find it both funny and educational.

Show Notes:

  • Talking about some of the quirks and considerations about traveling with one hand.
  • Sharing experiences just getting on a plane.
  • Examining how other cultures and countries perceive me as a one handed person.
  • Security and safety as a disabled traveler.
  • Life lessons learned from one handed international solo travel.


  • The Disabled Traveler –  Justin Skeesuck teaches you how to travel with limited mobility.
  • Zach Gowen A one legged superstar, A World Wrestling Entertainment champion, a professional speakers and all around great guy! @zachgowen
  • Rebekah Marine The Bionic Model, Rebekah Marine is a true inspiration! @rebekahmarine
  • Nicole Kelly – Speaker, educational lecturer, Miss Iowa 2013, mentor and advocate. @missnicolekelly
  • Nubability Athletes – We elevate the game of kids with limb-differences in main-streamed organized sports with encouragement, instruction and inspiration from over 70 accomplished limb-different athletes. #dontneed2
  • Ryan Haack Author of “Different is Awesome!” and making true change in the world! See more at

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2 Responses to “Solo International Disabled Traveling with One Hand – OHS004

  • Great topic! Thanks for the perspective and a lot of thoughtful ideas. Definitely helps me in preparing for my own international travel coming up soon. Always travel with the Spidey Sense!

  • I am really inspired by your share. I always feel insecure that how can I manage with my one leg if I want to travel around the world but this article and its guidance will really help me.

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