Six Week Bootcamp Challenge! One-Handed Style – OHS051

Completing my six week bootcamp challenge… One-handed style was not easy. Yes, it was challenging with one hand. However, that is what made it so rewarding. Additionally, I was able to get some deeper insights into my own one-handed life. I have always been an active person. When I was a child I loved to play baseball. I did a lot of basketball and football and generally enjoyed a physical life. As I grew older I started to spend more time running and riding my bicycle. I have a couple of great podcasts about my bicycle adventures that are worth a listen (OHS001 & OHS011). In my late twenties I started the martial arts and I never looked back. Overtime I eventually earned the rank of third degree black belt in Aikido and spent ten years operating a full-time martial art school. Once I closed my school the quality of my active lifestyle dramatically changed.

In the past 7 years I have not been very physically active. Most of my time is spent holding down a chair in a corporate office setting doing digital design for the Federal Government. In the past few months I have not been very comfortable in my body. About eight weeks ago I had enough of not being “out of shape.” I realized how much I missed being healthy and physically fit. Once I committed to becoming more active I had to find a place to do it. I decided on Camp Rhino Boise and their six week Rhino Challenge. It was $49 dollars to start with a $300 dollars deposit I would lose if I did not complete five trainings a week for six weeks. I was able to complete my challenge and as a result I not only feel better in my body, I did not lose my $300 dollars. However, It was the insights I learned about my one-handed body as I became more active doing bootcamp style exercises, yoga, and burpees that I found truly valuable.

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Show Notes:

  • Bootcamp, crossfit, and yoga.
  • Deep physical training with one hand.
  • the asymmetrical results of a one-handed life.
  • Realizing how weak my right shoulder is compared to my non-handed arm and shoulder.


  • Camp Rhino Boise – A great place to workout with great people!
  • Aikido – The Japanese martial art of Aikido known as the “way of the peaceful warrior.”

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