“Schedule A” Federal Hiring Authority – OHS110

I was hired into the Federal Government just over twenty years ago under the “Schedule A” Federal Hiring Authority. After twenty years as a Graphic Design and Digital Illustration for the Bureau of Reclamation I am now looking to get a new position the “Mac Guy” in the IT computer department. Part of my ability to get the new position beyond having all the qualifications is my option to get hired again under the “Schedule A” hiring authority. But for that to happen I had to get a new and updated “Proof of Disability Documentation.” This was a bit more difficult and a bit more challenging than I had anticipated. Some of it was having to do all this on very short notice. Another aspect was I did not have a general medical practitioner. As a result, it was an interesting challenge getting the paperwork I needed on time. Another funny quality was the perception people had of me as I called around to see if I could get the proper paperwork signed. It was not at all what I thought.

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Show Notes:

  • Getting re-hired in a new position within the Federal Government under the “Schedule A” Hiring Authority.
  • People thought I did not work or was looking to get out of working.
  • Not having a regular Doctor as my general practitioner was a bit of an issue.
  • Having to be in the direct line of disabilities and hiring again was interesting.


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