Pirates And Zombies And Jedi Oh My! – OHS079

Well, what can I say… They are great one-handed Halloween costumes. Pirates because of Captain Hook. Jedis because many if them have one hand cut off. Zombies because of similar reasons to that of the Jedis. However, zombies often are missing limbs for many reasons other than being severed. Regardless of how these characters ended up with one or fewer hands or limbs, they do make such great one-handed costumes. And even though these are currently my favorite styles of Halloween costumes, this has not always been the case.

When I was a young boy I was teased a lot about being “Captain Hook.” Sometimes some people would use that character as a pejorative or derogatory term. As a result I never did the Captain Hook costume in my youth. Zombies also hit a little to close to childhood heart. However, Jedi Knights were always at the top of my list. Despite all the uncool baggage I received and that I perceived about myself in my younger, I simple love Halloween and one-handed costumes. This podcast is about how realized how much cooler Halloween can be when you are comfortable with yourself.  

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Show Notes:

  • Some really good one-handed Halloween costumes.
  • Why I did not like dressing up like Captain Hook when I was a child.
  • Many Jedi have one hand.


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