Opening The Door For Me – OHS 124

Sometimes near doorways when people notice I do not have two hands, they go out of their way to open the door for me. There are moments on some of those occasions when I see people “double take” and then slightly pause as they try to decide if they should open the door or not. Most of the time they do open the door. Other times they ask me if it would be OK if they hold the door open for me.

Depending on the moment, the person in that moment, and how much I am carrying at the moment dictates whether I let people hold the door open for me or not. Most of the time I let them do it and sometimes I do not. What I find interesting and intriguing is that almost awkward contemplative double-take of consideration as people decide what to do. These are some of the unique one-handed moments in the life I live.

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Show Notes:

  • I appreciate the moment as people are deciding whether to hold the door open for me or not.


  • The Double Take – I get this double-take look just before people decide if they want to open the door for me or not.

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