One of My Greatest One-Handed Moments

Living this one-handed life has many fun, unique, and funny moments. In fact, the opportunity to lift people up, make people laugh, and to inspire people in the moment often arises. I guess the question to ask is will I utilize the moment or not? Blog #9 of my “40 Blogs in 40 Days of my first 40 Podcasts” crusade of coolness speaks to one of those instances. In my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS028 I share one of my greatest one-handed moments.

A long time ago I made the decision to look at my life as a blessing. To inspire people and bring humor and joy to as many moments as possible as a benefit for them, for me, and for all the people around us. I decided to use my one handed life as a reflection of the power of positive thinking. As a symbol of how we can overcome our obstacles and live a life of greatness.

Living life has with one Hand has not always been easy. When I was a child it was very difficult. But overall I am not the kind of person to only share, or mostly share all the bad parts of life. Or share how hard life has been. I think people can understand how difficult life can be with one hand. So I go the other way. I push the envelope of positivity. I use my perceived limitation as a source of unlimited power. As a way to help people.

There is not a day that goes by when I am not approached by a child or an adult who wants to know what happened to my hand. At first children mostly stare and are amazed I “only have one hand,” or I am “missing a hand.” Child are so open and curious. I simply love that quality of children. Then they will just come right up to me and start asking me questions as if there is no problem at all about asking. And they are right.

Sometimes the curiosity and sheer honest bravery of children can at first be uncomfortable for their parents. Countless are the times a child has asked my why I “do not have a hand” or “where my hand went” much to the parents surprise. Many times parents have tried to stop the interaction by telling the child to not look or stare and even to not ask those questions. Sometimes the parents apologize for their children. I feel it is important adults do not make children feel there is a problem with the idea of asking. As if there is something wrong with asking or if there is something wrong with me. I tell these parents it is quite alright. They just want to know why I am the way I am and what happened. Often after talking with these kids and having such a good time answering their questions with laughter and joy the parents then thank me.

My interactions with only adults can be very different. Most of the time adults are much more reserved with their curiosity and potential questions. They seem to not be as forthcoming with questions despite wanting to ask. In most cases with adults it takes an awkward moment turned good to open their hearts. When this happens the laughter can flow like a broken down dam. We can all feel the joy of life flooding into moment. There is a special quality to a bunch of adults standing around laughing like little children. And when people see and feel I am OK with who I am, it allows them to be OK with who they are.

I traveled a lot as martial artist and Aikido instructor. Traveling to the West Coast for training and seminars was a monthly activity for ten years. Oakland, San Francisco, Reno, Portland and Seattle were my main cities for travel to train in Aikido. After I landed at Sea-Tac Airport on my way to Seattle, Washington I had to take the airport subway to the baggage claim area. We all had to do it. The one-handed moment that unfolded is one of the greatest one-handed moments of my life. It is an experience and memory I will never forget and one I often share as a professional speaker. I also know it had a huge positive impact on the person in the subway whom I was fell upon, the people he was with at the time, and everyone else in the subway rail car. We all laughed so hard I thought the subway car was going to derail and explode. These moments are priceless.

To hear the story of one of my greatest one-handed moments click and listen to my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS028. Please feel free to share this blog or my podcast and I ask you to offer a comment with your opinion and feedback! Thanks!

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