On a BMX Bicycle Jump to the Moon My Arm Broke Apart in the Air – OHS021

Growing in South Bend, Indiana I played a lot of organized baseball and I rode my bicycle like there was no tomorrow. For many years I rode by BMX bike to all my games. In fact, I was always riding my bike. That is how we got around. That was my first set of wheels. That was when my life really started at expand. We rode our bike what felt like around the world on a daily basis. I love bicycling.

As kids from the same community we spent a lot of time riding our bikes. BMX racing and bikes became very popular. And as we all started to get our own bike we all started to race and do jumps. Then we started to build out own ramps and jumps. We would ride around the outside the city limits looking and building jumps. Some of us were very good at big air jumps and other of us were not. I was in the not-so-good category. Now was not due to lack of desire or courage to say the least. Some of it was my prosthetic hook and it’s limitations. But I did not let it stop me.

Behind Wendy’s fast food restaurant was a legendary natural dirt jump. Kids from all around would gather to dazzle and be dazzled by the big air skills. Then one day we added an extension to this already huge jump. When I saw it I thought to myself, “with enough speed I am sure I could break the gravitational pull of the earth and land on the moon. So I got to the top of the hill and pedaled as fast and as hard as I could toward the jump and the excited onlookers. I hit the jump at top speed. At the end of the ramp I pulled up as hard as I could. I knew I was pushing my own limits by doing by taking this jump at this speed. But I did not think I would be pushing the limits of my artificial arm. As soon as I left the jump and was flying to the moon my arm broke apart in the air. All I could think was, “this landing is going to suck!” 

Show Notes:

  • Big Air jumps on BMX bikes.
  • Pushing the limits of my artificial arm too far.
  • Bad things happen when you cannot stick the landing.


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