No Good Deed Goes Undone – OHS011

A young boy has fallen on his bike and his hurt while some is coming to help

I found myself in the right place at just the right time with the right intention to do the right thing. Then 15 years later my good deed was no longer undone.

Sometimes a moment unfolds and we take action like a superhero. It does not always have to be like saving the world like Superman or the Avengers. It can be as simple as helping a cat out of a tree, walking the elderly across the street, or helping a child in distress. Whether it is saving a cat or saving the universe I do believe no good deed goes undone.

This is not so much about a financial reward, getting some “street cred,” being praised or thanked by the people who benefited. This is about the the great merit, karma, and energy created when you do a good deed. In a very real way the good merit you create is the payment of the good deed. In this type of thinking then, it is true that “no good deed goes undone.” But it is a beautiful moment when there is a gesture of thanks and gratitude.

Here is a short story of a good deed I did and 15 years later it was no longer undone.

Show Notes:

  • Having the opportunity to act like a superhero.
  • Making a difference in the life of a little boy who was hurt. 
  • 15 years latter something special happened.


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