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Naturally I am asymmetrical. I was born like this. I was born without my left hand and have lived my entire life with arms of different lengths. Generally speaking, I am very comfortable with my one-handed life. Or maybe I should say I am very comfortable with the idea of living an asymmetrical life. Conceptually, living life with one hand is not such a big deal. It is the way I was born and therefore I like to say it is “natural” for me. However, physically living a one-handed life is a much bigger deal.

Having arms of two different lengths works on my body in two different ways. My muscles develop unevenly (asymmetrically) due to the difference in torque each arm expresses. This becomes so very apparent when doing yoga, Aikido, or even doing push-ups. The older I get the more I start to notice the affect this has on my body, especially my spine. Since different muscles develop differently on each side of my body due to the uneven lengths of my arms, my spine has a slight curve to account for the difference in development. Over the course of this one-handed life I have over and under used certain aspects of my right and left arms. They each hurt differently in different places for different reasons. Sometimes my right hand, wrist, and forearm will hurt from by simply being overused.

There are so many “limb-different” people out there doing all kinds of great things. There are countless example of how to overcome any obstacle. All you got to do is spend time on Youtube. I find great inspiration and knowledge watching other one-handed people stay healthy. In this podcast I will share some of the unique and interesting physical results of living an asymmetrical life. Much of the inspiration behind this podcast is a result of doing a lot of yoga, bootcamp type of physical workouts, and started to do more Aikido training.

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Show Notes:

  • The physical result to my body living with an asymmetrical body.
  • A deeper look into the physical qualities of living a one-handed life.


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