My Most Incredible Baseball Moment

When I grew up Little League baseball was king. In fact, baseball was one of the most popular sports for boys at that time. Or at least it was for me. Basketball was a close second simply as part of living in Indiana. Football was a close third. It is difficult to say which was the more popular sport. I guess it would depend on the child. I played all three sports throughout my early education during childhood. However, baseball was my true love. I think I started playing baseball when I was five or six years old. My adolescence was forged by the friendships made and the competitions played winning and losing. Blog #30 of “40 Blogs in 40 Days about 40 Podcasts” tells the tale of my greatest baseball moment in reference to my podcast episode OHS017.

Some of my most fond memories came from playing baseball and by the people who were present at that part of my life. So many of my childhood and life long friends played baseball. We played on the same teams, against one another, and watched the local baseball games that mattered. I cannot count the times we would gather as young boys with big dreams watching professional baseball players play ball. Growing up in South Bend, Indiana surrounded I was surrounded by Chicago Cubs fans watching their team play. Harry Caray’s singing of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game,” during the 7th inning stretch is in the soundtrack of my childhood.

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Some of the greatest friendships are made playing sports together as children.

Little league baseball in my hometown was a family and community event. When I was young this activity created my early memory of what a “big deal” was. The buzz and excitement on game night is a memory worth having. My mother, like many other mothers worked the concession stand while plenty of the fathers volunteered to coach the teams. Many kids in my neighborhood played on the teams and their parents helped to support the games. I was always so filled with anticipation and exhilaration getting dressed and driving to the games with my family. The sound of my mother screaming and cheering for me from the stands echoes in the reflections of my past.

I always dreamed of being a professional baseball player. And though I make it sound like as if my childhood playing baseball was all apple pie, home runs, and smiles, it was not. I was treated unfairly and rudely at times. One of my earliest negative memories came when our family was visiting another family my parents knew well. I think I was seven or eight years old at that time. I was talking with the daughter and son who were about my age. I mentioned I wanted to be a professional baseball player. The young boy got very angry and disgusted as he yelled at me saying, “you will never be a professional baseball player with only one hand.” I remember how mean and angry this boy sounded and how hurt I was by what he said.

Baseball, Little League, Sports, Greatest Moments, Podcast, Storytelling, Jim Abbott

Not all teammates and people were supportive of a one-handed  baseball players. There were times AlejAndro was not treated well.

As I grew up I began to realize one very true and very real fact about my one-handed life. Whether winning or losing, being a good player or a bad one, or becoming a professional player or not, I simply loved playing the game of baseball. Over the years I did drop my fair share of fly balls and strike out to lose a big game. Yes, sometimes people were very mean and unfair toward me. Regardless of how I was treated at times when I was a child, I chose to do what I loved to do. So much of life is about the choices we make. As an adult I now choose to look at the good things I have accomplished living this one-handed life.

It is true I did not become a professional baseball player. But I still had some great world class moments on the field. One of those moments was catching a fly ball when I was about nine years old. Not a championship game or the even the deciding moment to win a game. It was an standard game on an average day and a simple fly ball. When people ask me about one of my best memories or my greatest baseball moment when I was a child, this one catch comes to mind. The memory always warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. Sometimes the greatest moments in our lives are overlooked because we think we did not live the life we wanted or expected. We all have great moments in life. And if you played sports in your youth I am sure you have your great sports moments too.

To listen to my greatest and most incredible baseball moment I invite you to click on the link and enjoy my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS017. Please feel free to share this blog or my podcast and I ask you to offer a comment with your opinion and feedback! Thanks!

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