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My left foot does a lot for me. Since I do not have a left hand, my left foot has has learned to take the place of my left hand when needed. Over the course of my life my left foot has become very dexterous, agile, and adroit. I can do a lot with my foot that people do not expect. Additionally, my grip with my toes is mighty strong. So is my pinching power. As an artist and a sculptor I have spent a great deal of time crafting and building things. On many occasion you could find me in bare feet creating art with my left foot in place of my left hand. This podcast is about the power of my left foot.

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Show Notes:

  • Over my lifetime I have starting to realize how much I use my left foot in place of my left hand.
  • Other people have commented on the use of my dexterous left foot.
  • I love my left foot! 


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