My Dying Father’s Last Words – OHS008

Passport images of Pasquale Anastasio and family

My father, Pasquale Anastasio’s passport pictures. One is with his three sons and the other is a standard image. I am on the far right.

Watching my father die of lung cancer was not really on my list of life experiences. It was truly one of the most difficult 8 months of my life. From the moment he told us he had a lump in his throat to the moment he took his last breath every day was an unknown experience filled with doubt and hope. However, there was some good in there!! My parents were at the time was living in Boise, Idaho. Therefore, I was able to spend a lot of time with my father and also was able to comfort my mother.

This short story is about two of the greatest moments I have ever shared with my father as a child giving back to their parents. Despite being both in the last week of his life, these two “slice of life” moments made differences in both our lives in very different and impactful ways.

 Show Notes:

  • There is always a bit of good in the midst of the bad. We just need to look and be aware.
  • To comfort people near the moment of death


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