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I normally do not tell the story of my application process or how I got into Indiana University and later into the University of Washington. This is because of the varied responses and reactions I would receive. It certainly was not anything close to the traditional route most people take to get into college. When I was in college and told the story some people would get upset, others were uncomfortable, while a smaller amount of people would laugh and congratulate me on my good fortune. During my time at Indiana University and then the University of Washington I realized the best thing to do was to keep how I got into each college a quite unknown mystery.

After all these post college years have now passed, I feel it is time to share my story. I have told this story in the past in a few small group situations, a couple times on stage, and maybe 5 times to individual people. One thing I have realized, regardless of the response or reaction I receive, how I got into both colleges makes a great story.

I believe the first thing I need to say is when I was a senior is high school I had no intention or desire to go to college. Most of this thinking was my young and rebellious character and nature. I was thinking of higher education but not right out of high school. I wanted to take some time off to work and travel. Additionally, I was unsure of what I wanted to do and thought time off would benefit me. At that time I was getting a lot of pressure from my parents to go right after graduating high school. When I reflect back on that time, I realize how important it was for me to go to college right away (so much of life is hindsight). Later in life my father told me he feared how my life might of unfolded if I did not go to a university right out of high school. And when I look back on my life, I understand what he was saying.

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Despite all of AlejAndro’s efforts to rebel and not attend college right out of high school he was accepted into Indiana University. A couple years later he was excepted into the University of Washington where he earned his B.A. in Sociology.

I was a very angry and rebellious young adult with authority figure issues. So much of this was secretly the result of living a difficult and marginalized one-handed life. I guess if you are told enough you will never succeed you might start to believe it… And I almost did. As a result, I pushed the idea of college so far away I had missed the deadlines for applying to colleges. Additionally, I intentionally missed taking the SAT and ACT placement exams that year. One way or another I was going to force myself into an academic corner and shoot myself in the foot to spite other people’s perception of who they thought I was as a person. Well, it seems like a good idea at the time!

Despite the positioning on my part, and on my own behalf to not succeed or to at least put myself in a position to not succeed, I attending Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana after graduating high school. Getting into Indiana University with my (at that time) current situation, grade point average, and high school competition was a miracle blessing power of good karma. But the story of transferring to and being accepted into the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington is a thousand times more amazing.

To hear the amazing and almost unbelievable story of how I got into both Indiana University and the University of Washington I invite you to listen to my One Hand Speaks Storytelling Podcast Episode OHS044.


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