My Arm Does Not Fit – OHS 130

My arm does not fit anymore!! After a month of looking for my arm in my storage unit I came to find it does not fit. It is an odd feeling when your artificial arm does not fit. I think it is also odd to think about an arm not fitting. For the first eighteen years of my life I wore my artificial arm almost every day. Then for about the next fifteen years I wore it mostly to ride my bicycle and to shoot pool. In the past ten to fifteen years I really have not worn it at all. This was due to my lack of both bicycling and playing pocket billiards. Lately I have been bicycling more and needed to find my arm. Once I found it and started wearing it, it feels so foreign. And I must say, it does not fit well at all which only adds to it’s foreign feeling. I just think it is so weird to have an arm that does not fit.

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Show Notes:

  • My artificial arm does not fit anymore and that feels weird!


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