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While at a recent Aikido seminar I met a very nice and sweet 6 year-old girl who was so amazed I did not have two hands. Then for the next two days she was pretty much at my side in between training and while I sat in the stands watching. I get so many different responses from young children. I never know how they will react but I am always excited to see how they react. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes surprised, or sometimes shy. Confusion, dismay, and disturbing are other reactions. Then there are those times when kids are actually  amazed, excited, and curious about my one-handed life. Those interactions are priceless.

It was over the weekend of April 25-25, 2019 in Redwood City, California. I was attending Frank Doran Sensei’s 60 Years in Aikido training seminar. This 6 year-old girl was the daughter of a couple who were long time students of Frank Doran’s affiliation in the martial art of aikido. I remember walking up the bleacher seats to put my stuff down when this little girl very loudly, “WOW! You do not have a hand!” The rest is history.

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Show Notes:

  • When children are open to my one-handedness rare and beautiful life moments can unfold.


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