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What does it mean to live your life as a “Modern Day Samurai?” This was a question I often asked myself when I was living as a full-time martial artist and even lived in my dojo. Here is an older recording of a speech I gave a number of years ago. The topic I was asked to speak about was living as a “Modern Day Samurai.” This was one of my speaking themes in the early days of my speaking career. This really made sense for me as I was pretty much living the life of a Japanese martial artist. However, it is the message that went along with the idea of what is means to live as a “Modern Day Samurai” that made a difference. The main aspects I discuss were from my understanding of how samurai lived in the past and how that can benefit each and every one of us today. The three main ideas I discuss in this speech turned podcast are clarity, courage, and compassion.

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Show Notes:

  • Overcoming adversity.
  • Clarity, courage, and compassion.
  • The blessings of a one-handed life.
  • Having a third degree black belt in Aikido.


  • Aikido – The Japanese martial art of Aikido known as the “way of the peaceful warrior.”
  • Boulder Aikikai – The dojo of my sensei, Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, 7th Degree Black Belt.
  • Samurai and Bushido – Facts, summery, and history at

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