Memories Of A One Handed Life – OHS032

This is simply a short story about a very early one-handed experience. In fact, it is one of my earliest positive memories of living life with one hand. As much as I love the way I am right now it was not always easy. My childhood was very challenging. My early childhood was extremely difficult. So much of this revolved around not knowing why I was born like this. Not understanding why me and not someone else. At the time this story took place the only one-handed person I had ever seen was me. I was a very confused and sometimes angry kid because I did not know why I was born this way. I would have episodes of micro depression where I felt very sad and sorry for myself. 

The place where I grew up, the times I grew up in, the many of the people around me were not always positive about my one-handed body. I did not get a lot of support overall from my community, my schools, and by many adults in my pocket of the world. But this one girl who lived up the street from me made a huge positive difference in my life one day as we were playing in my back yard. She noticed me noticing myself. I was sad and confused about my one handed life. What she did and what she said has lifted my life to this day.

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Show Notes:

  • The girl who lived up the street made a big difference in my life when we were kids playing. And that moment still impacts my life to this day.


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