An Exclusive Dealer of Fine High Quality Mala Counters and Practice Supplies
Mala Counters is a one person shop creating small runs of high quality hand crafted Mala Counters and Malas. I also offer some of the finest 925 Sterling Silver Bhum Counters to help count, track, and support your mantra practice. My name is AlejAndro Anastasio. I am a Tibetan Dzogchen Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner and the sole operater and craftsperson of these products.

My goal and intention is to offer you the highest quality hand crafted Mala Counters and Malas. I create these in very small runs to ensure the highest standard of quality possible. Each item is built from beginning to end by me. My main product are the 925 Sterling Silver Mala Counters which come in a variety of sizes and string colors. 108 Bead Malas are also offered but in much less quantity. Yet they are built with the same amount of care and hand crafted good intention.

Accurate, beautiful, and hand crafted, these tools make the perfect gift, offering, or personal Dharma accessory to enhance and support your practice.

Mala Counters
1689 W. Shoreline Dr
Apt 419
Boise, Idaho 83702
Mala Counters is a small one person shop creating only the highest quality sterling silver mala counters and practice accessories.

Serving, supporting, and enhancing your practice by providing hand made short run mala counters and Dharma supplies.
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