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I was born and raised on television. To be more specific I was mostly raised watching science fiction and superheroes on television. There was also a whole lot of Kung Fu Theater in there with what seemed like thousands of hours of television watching that had anything to do with Kung Fu or the martial arts. However, most of my early and most precious memories were being cuddled up on the couch as a family watching Star Trek, The Original Series reruns or going to the opening nights of the first three Star Wars movies. There were couple years when Star Trek was followed by the television series called “Kung Fu.” It was about a traveling Shaolin Monk wandering through the American Wild West in the late 1800’s. My father told me later whenever I heard the theme songs to either Star Trek or Kung Fu I would come running and sit right to him and watch TV. Sci-Fi television and movies were a family tradition.

As a family we went to go see The Empire Strikes Back opening night on May 21st, 1980. The theater was so packed we could not sit together. I was sitting next to people I did not know. But I did not care because we were all there to see the saga continue. Toward the end of the movie when Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were battling with light sabers I did not know how drastically my life would change. When Vader cut off Luke’s hand my sci-fi geekie life changed forever for the better. The two very short and humorous conversations I had with the unknown person sitting next to me are forever blasted in my memory. Although I was born and raised on science fiction, it was not until I saw Luke Skywalker get his hand cut off that my true love of superheroes, science fiction, and Jedi Knights solidified in my person like a block of carbonite. That one moment made my one-handedness great and put me on the path of pushing the envelope of positivity.

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Show Notes:

  • Born and raised on Science fiction, comic books, and superheroes.
  • How seeing Luke Skywalker getting his hand cut off affected me.
  • How science fiction, superheroes and comic books changed my life.
  • A superhero’s true quality is to be a symbol of hope and inspiration.


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