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Spending time in Tibet on a Buddhist Pilgrimage was a vastly profound experience. I was able to visit many sacred buddhist sites, temples, and monasteries. Additionally, I spent a large amount of time within the Tibetan culture interacting within communities, with everyday people, and doing all the moment to moment things people do. In past podcasts I have shared many one-handed experiences and stories regarding my international travels. This is one of those stories.

It was one of the last few days of the pilgrimage and in Tibet. We were spent the last three days in three different cities visiting sacred locations and doing a great deal of driving. One of our destinations was Yamdrok Yutso Lake. At 4,408 meters or 14,461 feet elevation, Yamdrok Lake is considered one of the most sacred lakes in Tibet and possibly one of the highest lakes in the world. Along the way we stopped to enjoy the wares of local vendors and take adorable photos with yaks and goats! It was at one of these tourist stops I have a funny and sweet one-handed interaction with a young Tibetan boy and his family.

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Show Notes:

  • Visiting Central Tibet on a Buddhist Pilgrimage.
  • Making a stop at one of the most sacred lakes in Tibet, Yamdrok Yutso Lake.
  • Sharing a special one-handed experience with a young Tibet boy.


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