Life Lessons Learned Working at World Class Chili! A Chili Parlor in Seattle’s Pike Place Market – OHS003

World Class Chili in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. A chili parlor… I learned so many life lessons here. This little hole in the wall eatery was ranked top 20 in the world for chili! Who knew chili ran that deep? I did not. But I quickly learned. It was a one man show run by this guy named Joe Canavan. All I can really say about Joe is, “they do not make people like him anymore!”

I worked for Joe for over two years in the mid 90s. That was the era of the quite popular TV series called “Sienfeld.” I was working for Joe when the “Soup Nazi” episode aired. The next day and every day since that episode Joe Canavan was forever know as the “Chili Nazi” or the “Soup Nazi of Chili.” Everything made so much more sense after that day. If you think that episode was funny, try working for the “Chili Nazi!”

I could write a book about all the crazy, insane, and out of this world experiences I had at World Class Chili. But I will start with some podcasts. I cannot say enough good things about the lessons I learned or how deeply Joe Canavan changed my life… But I will try.

Show Notes:

  • Another live audience talk recorded at story story night in Boise, Idaho.
  • Pike Place employment at Jack’s Fish Spot and Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar.
  • How Nancy at the Pike Place Market Creamery helped me get my job at World Class Chili… I think?!
  • Working for Joe Canavan at World Class Chili.
  • A Pike Place Market standing ovation after two years working “hard time” for Joe.
  • The lessons learned working at a hole in the wall chili parlor.


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