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In most cases I am telling the parents of children, “It’s OK for them to stare at me. They’re just curious.” Sometimes I find how parents react to their kids looking at me to be both disconcerting yet understandable. It is a lottery pick trying to guess what their reaction to their children staring at me will be or the response to me if I say something about it. There are times I feel some parents are more uncomfortable with themselves when their children are looking at me. Maybe they think I should be the one who should be uncomfortable or even upset. It is as if they are more concerned about how I feel than the interested curiosity of the child. These interactions I see in other people because of me is a most intriguing part of my one-handed life. Most of the time parents know kids are just curious and bold with the youthfulness of early life and questions will arise. Then there are the not-so-cool times when parents reprimand their kids or make them wrong for staring and wanting to ask questions. Depending on the level of “un-coolness” I see, I may not do anything except smile at the child. Regardless of how these interactions unfold, they are simply part of the life I live.

As hard as it was for me to be looked at and stared at as a child, I am very comfortable with it right now. I actually welcome it and invite it. People have stared and observed me my entire life. I am sure this will go on like this for my entire life. For me what makes it work is the extending of the generosity of my spirit. By allowing other people, especially children, to look at me and ask me questions they can see I am OK with who I am. And to be the condition of other people’s comfort and inspiration is an invaluable quality of my one-handed life.

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Show Notes:

  • Seeing how parents deal with their children when the kids are staring at me.
  • I welcome and invite the stares and questions of children.


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