In The Driver’s Seat – OHS098

Driving with one hand has some real funny, weird, and unique qualities. One interesting aspect is the relationship between what hand I am missing and the side of the car we drive from in the United States. I am fortunate to be missing my left hand driving on the left side of the car here in the United States. This means I can use my right hand to shift gears on my manual transmission. If I lived in Britain, driving a stick shift vehicle would be a bit more challenging. Yet, some things would be easier. There are many sides to driving with one hand most people do not consider. This podcast is about the some of the odd-ball things I experience driving with one hand.

Show Notes:

  • The weird qualities of driving with one hand.
  • Fortunate to be driving  on the left side of the car.
  • The few things I find very challenging that two-handed people might not consider..

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