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What would things look like in a one-handed world? This is a question I have asked myself time and time again. It is actually a thought and consideration worthy of contemplation for a one-handed guy. I remember when I was a very young boy I saw a television commercial with a twist. It was slice-of-life moments about a “normal” guy attending a university where everyone had a disability. It played to the opposite view most people experience. All the books were were in braille, the height of things were in relation to people in wheelchairs, and people communicated in Sign Language. This “normal” guy was odd-man-out because he did not have a disability. I guess in that situation his disability was being “normal.”

It is interesting the impact that commercial had on me as a boy. It is enough to say I have never forgotten it or how it made me feel. But more importantly is how it made me think. Later in life I was giving great thought to the nature of things and my one-handedness. As I reflected on this old commercial I was inspired to think “what would the world look like if everyone looked like me?” In a one-handed world what would things like like? This podcast is a reflection of my contemplating the nature of things in a one-handed world.

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Show Notes:

  • An idea worth contemplating for a one-handed guy.
  • How would the world look if everyone had one hand?
  • The nature of one-handed design.


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