“I Want to Cut Off My Hand To Live A Better Life?” Who asks this question? – OHS023

An image of an x-ray of a person's left forearm and hand

This x-ray of a person’s left forearm and hand seems like a great image for AlejAndro’s story. Why would someone ask advice about getting their arm or hand cut off to life a better life?

Here is a story about an interaction I just had today. Over the course of my life I have been approached by certain individuals with a certain question. Normally when someone asks me, “can I ask you a question?” I have a general idea of what it is. Most people are creating an opening to ask about why I have one hand. But that is not always the case. On very rare occasions the questions goes to a fascinating yet slightly bizarre place.

This question has only been asked of me 5 times in my entire life. Each time it has been deeply sincere and properly proposed. I guess if you are going to ask advice you should ask an expert. I have lived my entire life with one hand and rather enjoy the way that I am. Therefore, I am a good person to ask this specific question.

Show Notes:

  • I have only been asked this questions about 5 times in my entire life.
  • A little bit of insight into understanding and realizing how “less is more.”
  • Uniquely cool and slightly bizarre advice asked and given.


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