I Slammed Into A Pedestrian While Riding My Bicycle – OHS067


It is a tragic story to say the least. I slammed right into a pedestrian while riding my bicycle. As a life long bicycle commuter and avid bicyclist since I was a child, I guess it was only a matter of time and probability before I hit someone. I myself have almost been killed a number of times by cars not paying attention and being a reckless bicycler on the road. Once I had the not-so-great pleasure of being “doored” in Seattle. This guy opened his door right into me and I took a pretty hard impact and fall. Being “doored” is not something I do not wish upon anyone. To this day I always look in my driver-side mirror for bicyclists before I open my door. 

More times than I care to count I have take incredibly and tremendously painful falls, skids, and crashes on my bicycle. Once I squeezed my front brake too hard and I pretty much catapulted over my handlebars right into concrete ground. As I looked up at the guy who was coming over to help me, he said, “I know that hurt because I saw you bounce twice!” I broke my collar bone in two places. My worst and most painful falls without major damage to myself were in the winter while bicycle commuting. One moment I would be riding along and the next moment I was spread out on the icy ground unable to breathe. As bad as all these were and how bad they sound, they are nothing compared to the experience the women who walked out from behind a truck and was slammed into be me on my bicycle at a very high rate of speed. This podcast is about that story. 

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Show Notes:

  • I was late for work as a student at the Indiana University.
  • The fastest I had ever been traveling on a bicycle.
  • Not having a left hand at that time meant not being able to use my front brakes.
  • The pedestrian walked out in front of me and then back-stepped right into my corrected direction.


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4 Responses to “I Slammed Into A Pedestrian While Riding My Bicycle – OHS067

  • Great story as usual, Dro! I’m pretty sure I remember that sweet bike, all stream lined and super thin tires. I definitely remember you being pretty sore for several months. If I remember right, it hurt to laugh or cough for a long while.

    • AlejAndro Anastasio
      1 year ago

      Indeed indeed. I bruised my sternum real bad… Hurt to laugh for almost two months. What an experience. I thought of you and Erik while I was making the podcast. I felt so bad hitting that person but it was all I could do to get out of her way. FUCK!!!!

  • March a Rodandello
    1 year ago

    Great story as usual Dro! I remember that bike, streamlined, super thin tires, fast , I also remember you couldn’t laugh or cough without pain for a long time. I hope things are great! Love listening to your podcast! Shawn

    • AlejAndro Anastasio
      1 year ago

      Thank Thank you!! Love that you all are listening. Plus I was hoping Shawn would remember that bike and my crash. Love you all and miss you a ton.

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