I Might Not Have Two Hands But I Am Fully Armed – OHS015

Two images of AlejAndro looking cool. One image of AlejAndro in his Aikido uniform, And one illustration of AlejAndro as his Superhero persona named Droui'ko.

AlejAndro might not have two hands but he is fully armed. Not having two hands has stopped him from turning adversity into unlimited power.

This podcast was inspired by a common phrase I have experienced over the course of this one handed life. I heard two different people make reference to me in this manner in the two past weeks. It is something I have often thought about and at times have asked why people refer to me that way. I have heard it enough to recognize a pattern. People refer to me as the “one armed guy.” What I find both interesting and somewhat funny is that I do have two arms even though I do not have two hands.

One of my favorite sayings is “I might no have two hands but I am fully armed!” I even had this on a t-shirt and would wear it at the Oregon Country Fair and other festivals. I would get fantastic responses. Must be something about that phrase in relation to a one handed guy. In this podcast I share with you some of my experiences and perspective in response to people saying I only have one arm. 

Show Notes:

  • Understanding other’s perspective of me and other disabilities.
  • People say I only have one arm in the funniest of places.
  • Do I look like I have one arm?


  • The Coffee Studio – My standard stop for local coffee, great service and conversation.
  • Fully Armed – Meet Ron Gustafson. Professional speaker and all around great guy. Turn a set-back into a come back!
  • Oregon Country Fair – A great festival for people of all types.

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