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I love superheroes! I have loved and admired the idea of superheroes for as long as I can remember. I do not know a time where superheroes were not a part of my life. So much of this was because of how I was raised. My parents raised my two brothers and me on superheroes and science fiction. We had a family culture around these two subjects. I have so many great memories watching TV and going to the movies with my family. But it was the idea of what a superhero meant to me as a young one-handed boy that basically “sealed the deal” for me. It was how they inspired and motivated me at a very critical time in my life. They gave me hope. As a result they had a great influence on the person I am today. I like to say that superheroes saved my life. 

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Show Notes:

  • Growing up in a superheroes and science fiction family.
  • Going to the movies to see Superman, Jedi Knights, Star Trek, and creatures from other worlds.
  • How superheroes and science fiction saved my life.
  • I am the person I am today because of superheroes.


  • The Guardian of Hope – The one-handed superheroes and AlejAndro’d alter ego.
  • Bella Rachlin  The very talented artist who illustrated my superhero and villains.
  • DC Comics My number one favorite superhero is Green Lantern.
  • Marvel Comics Stan Lee and his creation inspire me.
  • Star Trek Some of my earliest sci-fi memories started with this show
  • Star Wars I still want to be a Jedi Knight!

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