I Can’t Find My Arm – OHS 120

More times than I want to admit I have said to myself, “I can’t find my arm!” As odd as this may sound to a two-handed person, this is a very real thing in my life. I have lost my artificial arm many times. If it comes off your body you can lose it. Like a watch, a belt, or a pair of shoes my arm can easily be misplaced. I will just take it off and the next thing I know, I can’t find my arm. Sometimes it might be for minutes or hours. Other times it has been gone for days. On a few occasion I totally lost track of it for over a week. But this most recent episode of losing my arm has been over a month. This podcast is pretty much about losing and finding my prosthetic arm.

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Show Notes:

  • I always get funny looks when I say, “I can’t find my arm.”
  • Often through out my life I have misplaced and lost track of where I put my artificial arm.
  • If it can come off your body, you can lost it. 
  • Asking about your arm is not your standard lost and found inquiry. 


  • A Mile In My Shoes – Podcast 100 is about sharing a similar experience when we hurt a major part of our bodies.
  • The Non-Bionic Me – In podcast 101 I share the reasons why I do not want or have bionic arms.

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