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I normally do not tell the story of my application process or how I got into Indiana University and then into the University of Washington. This is because of the varied responses and reactions I would receive. It certainly was not anything close to the traditional route most people take to get into college. When I was in college and told the story some people would get upset, others were uncomfortable, while a smaller amount of people would laugh and congratulate me on my good fortune. During my time at Indiana University and then the University of Washington I realized the best thing to do was to keep how I got into each college a quite unknown mystery.

After all these post college years I feel it is time to share my story. I have told this story in the past in a few small group situations, a couple times on stage, and maybe 5 times to individual people. One thing I realized regardless of the response or reaction I receive, how I got into both college makes a great story.  

Show Notes:

  • The process of applying to college… or not.
  • The personal benefits of good timing in relation to another person’s mistake.
  • Seizing opportunities.
  • The positive results Affirmative Action had on AlejAndro’s Life.


  • Indiana University – AlejAndro started college at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.
  • University of Washington AlejAndro’s finished college at the University of Washington in, Seattle, Washington.
  • Podcast Episode OHS024 – A podcast about my high school art teacher who said a few kind words and changed my life.
  • Podcast Episode OHS025 – The inspiration to tell stories came from my college Physics 101 professor.

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